2cloudnine Release Notes


What is TimeCards?

TimeCards is an application that manages your contractors and/or temps pay and bill conditions, timesheeting, expenses, client approvals, billing engine and related back office payment processes.

Why have a change log?

We frequently deliver new releases of TimeCards to our clients as part of our commitment to taking their businesses further. The best place to hold the detail regarding these changes is on this website.

Why should I upgrade from an old edition to a new edition?

We constantly refine and develop new functionality for TimeCards. These features may meet a business requirement that you have or solve a problem that you have.

Aside from the new functionality, our TimeCards upgrade packages fix many of the minor issues that may appear as part of ongoing use

How do I upgrade?

Check in with your System Administrator, then contact our Support team →

How do I enquire about Jobscience and TimeCards?

Head to our website and fill in the contact form here →