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Version 1.117.1

General Release


Consolidated Invoice Logos

Critical Setup Required

New validations and requirements have been added in relation to the logos to be used on Consolidated Invoices to improve processing and ensure SalesForce limits are catered for.

When creating Consolidated Invoices the logo to be used on the PDF will continue to be taken from the related Billing Entity however the following changes will apply:

  • The logo’s file type must be a .jpg
  • The logos file size must be no greater than 135kb
  • The logos file name must be “Logo.jpg”. This is not case sensitive
  • In the event that there is more than one file with the name “Logo.jpg” the most recently created file will used

Critical Setup includes –

For each of the Organisation’s Billing Entities

  • Ensure the logo file type is a .jpg
  • Ensure the logos file size is no greater than 135kb
  • Ensure logos file name is “Logo.jpg”. This is not case sensitive.