Version 1.100

Version 1.99.2 | General Release
Version 1.101

Version 1.100

Automatically Generate Bulk Timesheets using Scheduled Batch/Apex Job

Multiple Timesheets can now be created using a Scheduled Batch Job. This new feature removes the need to manually generate timesheets for each individual placement and allows for many timesheets to be created at once for many timesheets on many placements at a chosen scheduled time each hour. This solution will also allow for new timesheets to be created where a Placement period end date has been extended.

Five new fields have been introduced to the Placement object. These fields are

  1. Placement > Exclude from Auto Timesheet Creation
  2. Placement > Last Timesheet Creation Date
  3. Placement > Last Timesheet Creation Update Date
  4. Placement > Timesheet Pending Creation
  5. Placement > Auto Timesheet Creation Failed.

When ‘Exclude From Auto Timesheet Creation’ = False and ‘Last Timesheet Creation Update Date’ does not match ‘Last Timesheet Creation Date’ then ‘Timesheet Pending Creation’ will = True.

When a Batch_GenerateTimesheet scheduled Apex/Batch job is run, all placements with ‘Timesheet Pending Creation’ = True will have timesheets created or extended as part of the batch. To find all Timesheets with ‘Timesheets Pending Creation’ = True, a List View titled ‘Timesheet Pending Creation’ can be found in the Placement Object.

When a Batch_GenerateTimesheet Apex job is completed, Timesheets will either be created or extended and ‘Timesheet Pending Creation’ = false. For any Placements that fail to create timesheets the field ‘Auto Timesheet Creation Failed’ shall = True.

Note: For Timesheet Generation by scheduled job to work, a Custom Setting called ‘Timesheets Generation Record Types’ need to be set up. Here the types of Record Types used in the Placement need to be defined (i.e. Temp. Contract).

To set up the Timesheet Generate scheduled job please apply the following script

System.schedule('ScheduleGenerateTimesheetsBatch 00', '0 0 * * * ?', new tc9_ti.ScheduleGenerateTimesheetsBatch());

-> Where  the 00’ in 00’ ‘0 0 defines the scheduled job name and the ‘0 before * * * defined the minute of each hour the job is to run.

Split Timesheet Over Month End

An new field has been introduced to the Placement object called “Split Timesheet Over Month End’. Where this field is True, a single timesheet that runs over the end of a month into the new month shall be split so that one timesheet will complete at the end of the applied month and a new timesheet will commence from the first of the month.

This is be beneficial for clients who require their candidates to fill out weekly timesheets but only pay and invoice on a monthly basis. Split timesheets enable finance to deal with an even months worth of timesheets without having to deal with overflow.

Adjustment Transactions

A method has been introduced in the Timesheet Manager to ensure the total quantity of all transactions will equal the total hours of a timesheet.

Users will find this function especially beneficial where transactions are constantly edited within the Timesheet Manager as this feature will ensure the quantity for timesheet entry transactions balances the total hours submitted on the timesheet and therefore reduces risk of human error when it comes transaction adjustments, invoices and payments. The validation will apply to all timesheets of all Award types with the exception of Daily Award timesheets..

This is an optional function which can be enabled or disabled via

Setup>Develop>Custom Settings>Timecards Config > Validated Transaction Total in TSM

When ‘Validated Transaction Total in TSM = True, if there is a need to apply a timesheet entry transaction outside of the validation rules, the timesheet can have its Adjustment Transaction field set as True. this will exclude it from the transactions validated.

Timesheet Entries Currency should be the same as Timesheet

Currency on Timesheet Entries will now by default be the same as the currency on the Timesheet which will always be the same as the currency on the Placement. The Placement currency is the same as the currency set on the Job Order.

Previously Timesheet Entry was the same currency as that assigned to the User by default. This will no longer be the case.

Process Invoice VF Pages now segregate Standard Invoice Filter and Transactions Filter Methods

Improvements have been made to the Process Invoice VisualForce Page Layout . Users can now choose via a toggle placed at the top of the page if they wish to use the Standard Process Invoice method or the Transaction Filter method to process transactions.

Changes to the Transaction Filters experience when Processing Invoices

Users, when selecting Process Invoices: Transaction Filters view, now have a more versatile set of criteria they can use to uncover the specific transactions to be made available when ‘View Transactions’ is selected. These criteria options are consistent with options available when using Standard Invoice filter. Users can now filter by Date Type (Entry Date, Created Date and Timesheet End Day), Start and End Date, Market, Client  and Invoice Cycle.

In Addition to the above mentioned filters, users will also be required to select the Invoice date. This date will show on Invoices created when Process Button is selected and will form the basis for calculated Invoice Due by Date.

Allow filter by market for Transaction Filters (Process Invoice)

When using the Process Invoices: Transaction Filter view, users can now filter by Market. To filter by market, simply populate the Market Field with the desired market and only transaction that match this market will show.

In addition to this, Market Filter can be made required or optional. To make Market Options

Setup>Develop>Custom Settings>Timecards Config > Market Optional for Transactions Filters = True 

Update Timesheet Manager Transaction Summary Headers

Timesheet Manager summary headers when Transactions are processed have had two columns updated. Total Bill and Total Pay have been updated to Total Bill ex Tax and Total Pay ex Tax to more accurately reflect what the column is representing

Approved Timesheets not appearing in History until page refreshed

When using Approval Portal, when a timesheet is approved, the approved timesheet will now be moved straight into the history tab section of the approval portal without users needing to refresh the page.

Timesheet manager transaction sort order

A sort order has been introduced for all transactions on the Timesheet Manager VisualForce Page. Transactions will be sorted by the following order of priority

  1. Entry Date (earliest date at the top)
  2. Pay Code Sort Order Number (lowest number at the top)
  3. Pay Code Name (descending order alphabetically)
  4. Pay Code Sort Number creation date (earliest date at top)

Custom Setting to remove Add transaction button on Timesheet Manager

To give an Administrator greater control over processed transactions, a new setting has been introduced which will enable and disable users ability to add additional transactions via the Timesheet Manager.

To disable users ability to add additional transactions via Timesheet Manager go to

Setup>Develop>Custom Settings>Timecards Config > Hide Timesheet Manager Add Transactions

When this is selected, the “Add” button will no longer be visible to select so new transactions lines can be added

Timesheet Manager – Expense Attachment Popup explanation not correct

Improvements have been made to the Expense Attachment section of the Timesheet Manager. When a user selects the paper clip symbol in Expenses a pop up will occur as normal however the ‘cancel’ hyperlink has now been changed to ‘close’ as this more accurately reflects the function of the link. Users can select this function to exit the popup both before and after uploading expense attachments.

When I delete Token Link in the Approvers Contact or Token Link has expired and I submit a timesheet, I get 2 approver notification emails

If a token link on the Approver Contact (associated with a Placement) has expired or been deleted and a timesheet is submitted, Approver will now only received one email notification. This email notification will notify the user a timesheet has been submitted and is ready for approval. This email includes the new token link.

Previously, approvers were receiving two emails. This is because one email contained the new token link and a second email notified the approver a new timesheet has been submitted and included the new token link also.

Sharing Setting of Private on Contact results in a message in ApprovalTimesheet page saying no token link is available but it link is created

A fix has been implemented which will allow timesheet data to be displayed on the Approval Portal when using a token link where

 Set Up > Sharing Setting > Contact = Private.

Note: a fix was implement in 1.99 to fix an issue where no token link was being created and email sent to approver when

Set Up > Sharing Setting > Contact = Private

Visualforce error in 12 hour format, No Dialog box pop-up

If a candidate when attempting to use their timesheet using 12 hour (AM/PM) format, and enters an invalid time entry, an On page pop up error validation has been introduced to notify users that incorrect time format has been entered.

Backing Sheets now showing correct Timesheet Approver

Backing Sheets will now source the Timesheet Approver from the Timesheet Entry field found on the Transaction. Previously, Timesheet Approver for backing sheets was being sourced from the Timesheet Entry field found on Invoice_Items_c. This change has resolved an issue in the scenario where Ordinary Hours Award Master type has the following option = True for “Is the interpretation solely based on weekly logic”. As no Timesheet Entry is allocated to invoice_item_c in this instance.

Auto Approve Timesheet Submitted IF Timesheets = 0 hours for the week

To improve efficiency of timesheet approval, timesheets which are submitted with 0 hours for the week and 0 expenses can be automatically approved without needing formal approval from timesheet approvers. To enable this function

Placement > Auto Approve 0 Timesheets = True. 

Timesheet Approved via token link are reverting from Approved back to Submitted

A scenario has been discovered where timesheets which have been approved using the token link provided via email notification is causing timesheet entry status to revert from approved back to submitted.

This issue was happening as Timesheets accessed through the Approval Portal were holding old timesheet entry status values in the cache and not refreshing on approval. This issue has now been fixed and timesheet entry will correctly remain as approved where expected.