Version 1.120

Version 1.119
Version 1.120.1

Version 1.120

Rate Calculator

This is currently in BETA phase, future release notes to follow, for more information please contact 2cloudnine support

Award Master Page missing the Long Description

The Long Description field was only available on Daily Awards.  This field is now available on all Award Masters to allow completion of details related to the award purpose and function.

New Payrun Split for Fortnightly 

Optional Setup

A fortnightly Payrun Split is now available.  It is option “F” (for fortnightly) on Pay Schedule Config

To function correctly, a Placement with a “Pay Schedule”of “F” in the Payrun Split, must have a Timesheet Frequency set to ‘Fortnightly-1’ or ‘Fortnightly-2’

To set an existing Pay Schedule to “F” or create a new Pay Schedule with “F”

Set Up > Custom Settings > Pay Schedule Config       

select F in Payrun Split

Remove the requirement for the Client to be identical on the Placement and the Job

Optional Setup

Previously there has been a requirement that the Client on the Placement be the same as the Client on the associated Job.

A custom setting in TimeCards Config called ‘Disable Client Validation’ has been introduced.

Ticking the box will allow for users to change the client on the placement, without any validation errors when generating timesheets. The original client will remain on the Job.

To Disable Client Validation –

Set Up > Custom Settings > TimeCards Config > Disable Client Validation (True)

Note: Creation of Transactions and Consolidated Invoices will still use the Client on the Placement to determine Invoice Consolidation requirements.